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That’s why all attendees are also supported for their job interviews and the hiring process as well as education.

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What OAK Academy provides you

A career change can be stressful. That is why, in addition to the education we provide, we offer a variety of additional services to our students.

At OAK Academy, every student is valuable. All students receive individual attention. You can contact your instructors at any time and ask them questions.

Our instructors deliver all our lessons, including study groups, in a live and interactive setting. You can also reach our instructors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the chat rooms we've set up.

Employers continue to prioritize certified employees in the IT sector. Get the OAK Academy partners' certificates.

Our instructors are always there for you. They continue to assist our students by providing consultancy services such as CV preparation, mock interviews to prepare students for real interviews, LinkdIn account creation, and recruiter interviews.

People working in the Bootcamp continue to work as cyber security experts, as well as instractors. As a result, keeping the curriculum up to date is always easier.

You can act in accordance with your budget thanks to the various payment options we provide. Our priority is your education.

What employers want?

Although most individuals think that having technical abilities will be sufficient to land a job, employers also consider personality and non-technical skills in potential employees.

Technical Skills

Impact Skills (critical thinking, analytical thinking, problem-solving)


Hands-on Experience


Ability to Work in a Team

Desire to Learn

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Watch what OAKERS say

Feyza Tekin

SOC Analyst

Sabri Ergün

IT Risk Manager

R. Elif

Learner / Cohort 3

Huzeyfe Erdal

SOC Analyst

İsa Yıldız

Threat Analyst


Learner / Cohort 3

What OAK Academy Alumni say?

Ercan Acar, SOC Analyst

While living in Turkey, computer engineering was a tough department that required high scores and I could not achieve my dreams in Turkey. I have actually fulfilled my dreams with this course. The company I work for is large and prestigious company. My living standards have been improving and my future looks good and this makes me very happy.

Recep Şenateş, IAM Consultant

I was hired on my first application.  It was a surprise for me too.  I find it wrong to be shy even if nothing is known about IT. There are many positions in cyber security. Therefore, I think that it can be learned in 7-8 months. As our instructors also work as recruiters in this industry, the road maps they drew have always been promising for us. I think I got the result of my studies.

Cemile Ayaz, SOC Analyst

I started to work as a Level 1 SOC Analyst. It is really nice for me to be able to use the skills I learned in my work and turning my knowledge into a salary. I studied for 4 years at the university, did an internship, and got a field experience, I could not turn them into income in Germany. With this IT course, in 10 months I have seen the outcome and gains of it.

Mehmet Çavdar, Cyber Security Adviser

I got a positive response from an interview I made through the recruiter for the Cyber Security Adviser position. After explaining the content of the course, I saw that the people I interviewed were very impressed. We took a very comprehensive course. Considering our education and background, I believe that we should progress to Senior levels much faster.

Meet the Instructors

Muharrem Aydın


After graduated Computer Science & Engineering BSc programme, he started his IT career as a software engineer. Blending his software development experience with cyber security, he switched to this domain. Meanwhile, he completed the IT Law MSc programme. He was a member of the Cybersecurity Institute of Turkey's founding team. Delivered cyber security courses in universities as an adjunct instructor. He carried this experience to the UK and founded Hacker Academy in 2017.

Bâkır Emre

Computer Engineer - MSc

After doing research on Cybersecurity for a long time, he has led the offensive security team that performs mobile and web application penetration tests and implemented a secure software development life cycle on large application security programs in the financial sector. He has led the cyber operations team for one of the Big-Four Companies and has in-depth experience in infrastructure, application, and cloud penetration testing, having served numerous global and local clients. He has trained many people in cybersecurity.

Şerif Muammer Sak

Cyber Security Instructor

After graduated from Computer Engineering Bachelor's degree, he has been working as a cybersecurity consultant for more than 5 years.He has completed projects with the biggest enterprises that work in government organizations, telco, and finance sectors in Turkey. He took part in simultaneous projects with various cybersecurity vendors and enterprises and has hands-on experience in different domains of cybersecurity.He has trained people who work in the IT/Security teams about specific security products.

Mehmet Güzel

Cyber Security Instructor

Seyfi Yılmaz

Computer Engineer, MSc

Büşra Çalışkan

Cyber Security Instructor

Fatih Yılmaz

Cyber Security Instructor

What roles can you work in the industry?

At OAK Academy, you can build a career from scratch by improving your technical skills with online courses and one-on-one mentoring programme provided by experts who have been providing cybersecurity services in the industry for years. Job opportunities in many positions are waiting for you in cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Analyst
Cyber Defence Analyst (SIEM)
Security Awareness Specialist
Penetration Tester
Cyber Security Engineer
Security Specialist
Vulnerability Specialist
Detection and Response Analyst -MDR Analyst
Threat Intelligence Analyst
Cyber Threat Analyst
Security Operations Center Analyst (SOC)
Cyber Sales Consultant

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