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By 2020 there will be a shortage of 1 million more tech jobs than computer science grads and the skills gap is a global problem. This was our starting point. At OAK Academy, we are the tech experts have been in the sector for years and years. We are deeply rooted in the tech world. We know the tech industry. And we know the tech industry` biggest problem is “tech skills gap” and here is our solution.

At OAK Academy, we will be the bridge to between the tech industry and people who

  • -are planning a new career
  • -are thinking career transformation
  • -want career shift or reinvention,
  • -have the desire to learn new hobbies at their own pace.

Because we want to help this generation to gain the right tech skills to fill these jobs and enjoy happier, more fulfilling careers. And this is what motivates us every day.

We specialize in critical areas like mobile app development, cybersecurity, coding, game development, app monetization, and more. Thanks to our practical alignment we are able to constantly translate industry insights into the most in-demand and up-to-date courses,

OAK Academy will provide you the information and support you need to move through your journey with confidence and ease.

Our courses are for everyone. Whether you are someone who has never programmed before, or an existing programmer seeking to learn another language or even someone looking to switch careers, we are here.

OAK Academy here to transforms passionate, enthusiastic people to reach their dream job positions.

Learn right tech skills at right place!

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