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Unity C# Game Development: Learn C# Unity From Scratch

  • Learn 2d & 3d game dev with C# Unity and become game maker. You will learn to design, create and publish your games.
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Unity C# Game Development: Learn C# Unity From Scratch

Unity C# Game Development: Learn C# Unity From Scratch

Learn 2d & 3d game dev with C# Unity and become game maker. You will learn to design, create and publish your games.

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Course Details

Hello there,

Welcome to Unity For Beginners:Game Development From Scratch with Unity course.

In this course you will learn;

  • 2d & 3d game development with C# Unity

  • to design, create and publish your games and you will become game maker.

This course is completely project based and we believe this is the best way to learn Unity and C#.  You will start to learn from scratch but you will not just be learning dry programming concepts, you will be applying them to games as you go. You will be shown step-by step how to build it. We will never let you get stuck.

This C# Unity Game Development course is for:

  • C# Unity Beginners

  • Game Development Beginners

  • Experienced Game Developers

  • Anyone Who Wants To Learn Game Development

  • Anyone who is interested in game development with Unity and C# and also is looking for an interactive, project-based course.

  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games

  • Anyone who is looking for a new hobby which can turn into a profitable business

What you will learn?

  • C# Programming Basics

  • Visual Studio IDE

  • Unity Editor

  • Unity Concepts

  • User Interface

  • Physics

  • Tips and Trick for Unity

  • and more!


Why would you want to take this course?

Our answer is simple: The quality of teaching.

When you enroll, you will feel the OAK Academy`s seasoned developers expertise.

No Previous Knowledge is needed!

This course will take you from a beginner to a more experienced level.

If you are new to C# or Unity, no problem, you will learn anything you need to start with C# Unity.

If you are already used to Unity and you just need a refresher, you are also in the right place. You will learn step by step with hands-on examples.

Prefer to learn the app monetization?

Check-out our sister course, the Mobile App Marketing: Learn App Monetization From Scratch.

Fresh Content

It’s no secret how gaming technology is advancing at a rapid rate. New tools are released every day, and it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest knowledge. With this course you will always have a chance to follow latest trends.

Video and Audio Production Quality

All our contents are created/produced as high quality video/audio to provide you the best learning experience.

You will be,

· Seeing clearly

· Hearing clearly

· Moving through the course without distractions

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Dive in now!

We offer full support, answering any questions.

See you in the course!


  • No prior unity, unity 2d, unity 3d knowledge is required
  • A Windows or Mac for installing all the free software and tools needed to practice
  • Desire to learn C# Unity
  • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today
  • LIFETIME ACCESS, course updates, new content, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

What you will learn

  • Whether you’re interested in coding 2D or 3D video games, Unity is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly game development engines on the market.
  • Coding video games for modern consoles requires a lot of specialized skills. Unity allows users to program life-like physics, control game audio.
  • Unity features a full suite of the most modern tools and services that will help you make great video games.
  • Unity can deploy games to a very wide range of platforms from a single unified base (hence the name). You can deploy your game to mobile, console, PC.
  • Unity is a development engine for 2D and 3D games and experiences. It supports Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Coding is not a requirement. Unity includes a visual scripting tool called Bolt, which doesn't require coding and provides two graph types for users.
  • Unity operates like a generic scene player. It is a game runner with a collection of assets. When the game starts, Unity initializes.
  • It has actually become somewhat of a trend for new programmers to use the game engine as an introductory stage before moving on to learn state logic and C#
  • Unity uses C#, and unreal uses C++. C# is easier to learn. Both products include a visual scripting tool allowing the user to avoid coding altogether.
  • Learn C# from scratch
  • Learn the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework
  • Learn the fundamentals of game design
  • Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation in Unity
  • Build 2D Unity games & work with sprites
  • Collect and destroy game objects
  • Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements
  • Activate and use Unity’s Team Collaboration service
  • Play Music In Your Game
  • Unity is an excellent program for beginners to learn.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who wants to learn C#
  • Anyone who wants to read and write C# code
  • Anyone who wants to develeop unity 2D or unity 3D games
  • Anyone who wants develop their own game with unity
  • Anyone who want to learn game development & design with c# unity
  • Anyone interested in Unity and C# and is looking for an interactive, project-based course
  • Anyone who are willing to make a career in Game Development
Oak Academy

Oak Academy

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Hello, I'm OAK. 

By 2020 there will be a shortage of 1 million more tech jobs than computer science grads and the skills gap is a global problem. This was our starting point.

At OAK Academy, we are the tech experts have been in the sector for years and years. We are deeply rooted in the tech world. We know the tech industry. And we know the tech industry` biggest problem is  “tech skills gap” and here is our solution.

OAK Academy we will be the bridge to between the tech industry and people who

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-the desire to learn new hobbies at their own pace

Because we know we can help this generation gain the skill to fill these jobs and enjoy happier, more fulfilling careers. And this is what motivates us every day.

We specialize in critical areas like cybersecurity, coding, IT, game development, app monetization, and mobile. Thanks to our practical alignment we are able to constantly translate industry insights into the most in-demand and up-to-date courses,

OAK Academy will provide you the information and support you need to move through your journey with confidence and ease.

Our courses are for everyone. Whether you are someone who has never programmed before, or an existing programmer seeking to learn another language or even someone looking to switch careers we are here.

OAK Academy here to transforms passionate, enthusiastic people to reach their dream job positions.

Students Feedback


Average Ratings

Oscar Cummings


Love the explanation on the course, would like to see some text reference with the code used... But I really think it fits me well.


Lars Libbrecht


Daniel Gantner

MUKUL Kachhawaha


Good course. A bit fast, could have spent more time on explaining the concepts, but good overall.

Alexandre Esteves

Ishan Tiwari

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Unity C# Game Development: Learn C# Unity From Scratch

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