Smart App Monetization

Smart App Monetization

Smart App Monetization

Hi everyone,

App marketing is becoming more and more important as the mobile devices Let`s learn on certain tactics that will benefit you while you are designing your app’s monetization strategy.

Lets start with the first dimension, Ad Placement and Ad Unit Tactics.

Check Session Lengths

You might have thousands of daily active users but if you do not have a reasonable ad placement strategy most of the users might leave your game before even seeing one ad. An average gamer spends 24 minutes each day playing games. So, not disturbing your users with ads could be a good strategy for user stickiness but bad for your ad monetization. That is why you should check average session lengths and retention rates of your apps and change your ad placement strategy. If the session lenghts are too short, it could make more sense to make ad placements at early stages of your app.

Use Less Intrusive Ad Formats

You can  choose to show less intrusive ad formats to increase your revenues while not disturbing your users.  Do not assume that your users will hate you that you are showing ads to them. Sometimes they might be even thankful. For instance, recent researches show that rewarded video ads can even increase your retention rates. (For details please check  Tapjoy Report). A gamer could be even happy to watch a 30 sec video and collect some virtual coins.

Similarly, if you place them smartly, interstitial or native ads also do not always annoy your users. So, don’t get negatively lured by every comment on Appstore criticizing the ads on your games. Most of the users are more tolerant than you expect, as long as ads do not intrude too much.

Don’t Avoid Banners

The low eCPM rates should not discourage you to place banner ads into your app. Many performance indexes show that the total amount of revenue that you make from banner sometimes even might exceed the other ad formats. (For detailed information please check Appodeal Report ). So the general rule applies here as well, never put all your eggs in one basket and continue to test different ad placements and ad units till you find the optimal combination of them.

Where to make Ad Placements?

Banner: Best placements for banner ads are either in the main screen of the game and gameplay screen. However, be careful about the gameplay screen placements, and be sure that your ads do not intrude users’ game experience.

Native: Native Ads placements can be made either while scrolling down the screen or in the entrance or exit screens of the game.

Interstitials: If you place interstitials at “natural transition points”, it wouldn’t disturb your users as much as you expect. These natural transition points can be like before entering the app (while people are waiting for app to turn on) or between levels.

Rewarded Ads: Rewarded Ads offer a great way to achieve both higher revenue with higher engagement, which leads to higher LTVs. Unlike other ad formats which may disrupt the user, rewarded video contributes to a positive user experience. Therefore, benefit from it as much as you can. You can use it to provide extra coins, extra rights, power ups or showing hints.



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